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About Us

HIGO Apparel is a pioneering force in the realm of gymnastics leotards and apparel, setting the bar for excellence and innovation.

Our dedicated team of experts harnesses state-of-the-art technologies, premium materials, and exacting craftsmanship to deliver products that blend comfort and affordability seamlessly.


Our limited range of ready-to-order HIGO products exemplifies diverse styles and caters to athletes across all levels, from budding talents to elite professionals. Should you seek a bespoke creation, not currently showcased in our inventory, this is our EXPERTISE, and our doors are open for personalized orders. At our core, we are a company that prides itself on not only offering top-tier products but also delivering unparalleled customer care. We strive not just for customers but for fans.


Our commitment lies in ensuring that each customer is accorded the utmost importance, receiving individualized attention and service. Our genuine passion for our craft propels us to provide exceptional personal customer service, as our work transcends mere employment to embody our deepest enthusiasm.

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"At HIGO Apparel, our mission is for every customer to be inspired, embodying the ethos that drives us to create and serve with unwavering dedication and creativity."
Noele Figueroa | Owner

Our Story

HIGO Apparel was established in 2019 by Noele Figueroa, who brings a rich background in art and design to the brand from studying fashion and illustration in NY. Previously, Noele served as the General Manager at a chain of gymnastics facilities with several locations on Long Island, NY, where she crossed paths with her future husband, John "Fig" Figueroa. John had owned his own successful gyms in Michigan for nine years before transitioning to a career as a college coach for women's gymnastics in 1999. It was during one of his recruiting visits to the gyms managed by Noele that their fateful connection was forged.


Inspired by her passion for art and design, Noele ventured into creating leotards and apparel, leveraging her expertise in the field. Subsequently, the couple relocated to St. Augustine, Florida, where HIGO is currently headquartered. While John focused on coaching, providing Noele with invaluable insights into the evolving preferences of young gymnasts, she assumed the helm of HIGO's operational activities.


The business has experienced exponential growth beyond their initial expectations over the years. In August 2023, John chose to retire from coaching, prompting the couple to diversify the business with various initiatives that had been in development. These new ventures are now taking shape and enriching the HIGO brand's offerings.

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